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Theater 5

The theater is located at very center of Beijing, close to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the Great Hall of People’s Republic. The theater is easily reached by all means of transportation. Besides the main architecture of the theater, it also possesses large parking spaces, human made lake, green plantation garden as well as pathway surrounding the area.
The whole architecture was designed by well known designer. Besides attending the event which is held within the theater, the building is also worth for a visit. Moreover, the human made lake as well as the garden surrounding the venue has become one of the destinations for local peoples to take a stroll in early morning and late evening.

Main feature:
The venue features four main theaters for different uses, including opera, musical event and drama. Each of the theater is designed with different sizes to cater for various party sizes. Besides that, all these theater can be interconnected with overhead pathway within the architecture. Lighting and sound effects is excellent as well. High definition projector and large screen can be provided to create a better effect of event.

The main hall of the theater and the musical hall have over two thousands seating capacity, the drama hall has about one thousand seating capacity, and the small drama hall has 500 seats.

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