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Stadium 4

The venue is one of the most important venue as well as the key highlight of Beijing Olympic 2008. It is not only an event space, but also a popular tourist attractions in Beijing. The architecture of the venue is impressive especially when all lights on in the evening.

Main feature:
The venue features a standard competition swimming pool, with 5,000 permanent seats. The air circulation, sound system and day light design make the event space very spacious and comfortable. The venue also features a multi functional hall, with total space 2400 square meter. The multi functional hall includes three standard indoor tennis court. The sufficient indoor space with various display decorations has made itself a proper space for special events like international professional forums or exhibition site.

Besides that, the venue also features the largest and the most advanced indoor water theme park throughout China. There are quite a number of creative water activities. There are also two exhibition sites where general exhibitions are conducted every now and then. The venue also offers an opera room with space 200 square meters. Moreover, there are also some multi functional room which suitable for events like press conference, media road show; outdoor exhibition area can be arranged as well.

The central venue has a total of 17,000 seating capacity, with 6000 permanent seats. The multi functional hall has 1000 capacity. The opera room has 150 seating capacity.

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