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Stadium 1

This venue is one of the most significant architecture in Beijing Olympic 2008. Being the art piece of well known designers, the venue is worth for a visit rather than just a normal event space. The venue is situated within Beijing Olympic Park, just 25 minutes drive to Beijing Capital International Airport. You can reach popular Beijing tourist attractions like Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and Summer Palace easily.

Main feature:
The venue features one of the largest event space in Beijing. It is suitable for sports related competitions nationally and internationally. Sometimes, the venue also host non-sport cultural events as well, such as artist performance, non-merchandized government events and company’s large scale occasions.
The venue features the most advance technology supporting facilities, including lighting and sound system, large screen for better view for audience, comfortable VIP rooms, and broadcast system. Different entrance is designed for the ease of getting to audiences’ seats, and also for security and efficiency reasons. So far, the venue hosts events like football match nationally and internationally, school sports’ day, concerts, cultural performance, opera and many other events.

The venue is suitable for very large scale event as the main event space has capacity up until 91000 persons.

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