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niaochao Stadium 1
This venue is one of the most significant architecture in Beijing Olympic 2008. Being the art piece of well known designers, the venue is worth for a visit rather than just a normal event space.
yuehan Stadium 2
Just five minutes drive from Beijing CBD, the venue is actually located right in the heart of Beijing city center.
aoti Stadium 3
The venue is located within Beijing Olympic Village, serving as one of the most important event venues for Beijing Olympic 2008.
shuilifang Stadium 4
The venue is one of the most important venue as well as the key highlight of Beijing Olympic 2008. It is not only an event space, but also a popular tourist attractions in Beijing.
gongren Stadium 5
The venue is located within an integrated sports center with overall space 35 hectares, which includes a stadium, sports center and a swimming pool.
wanshida Stadium 6
It served as one of the event venue during Beijing Olympic 2008. It is closed to subway station, and about an hour drive from Beijing Capital International Airport.
hangkonghangtian Stadium 7
This is a huge multi functional stadium which located adjacent to Zhongguancun, the Silicon Valley in Beijing.
guojia Stadium 8
This is one of the significant architecture which situated within Beijing Olympic Center.
dongchengditan Stadium 9
The venue used to be a training center during Beijing Olympic 2008. The venue has overall 13,600 architectural area.
nongyedaxue Stadium 10
The venue is located just two kilometers away from Beijing Olympic Center, it used to serve as one of the competition venue for Beijing Olympic 2008.