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Restaurant/Bars 3

The venue is an authentic Arabian restaurant in Beijing. Once you step in the main entrance, you will definitely attracted by rich Arabian atmosphere and feel the real environment of 1001 Nights. The huge carving door with five meters height is formed by six arch; and each of the arch is decorated with a colorful glass mural of stories in the popular Arabian story series – 1001 Nights. When looking from afar, the large door with colorful murals is really majestic and will let you drop into imaginary of human creation.
The venue is delicately designed in very unique setting. You will surely be surprised by the internal part of the venue, which the whole wall surrounding is coated with gold sand sculpture. The spiral wall, crystal chandelier, delicate Arabian handcraft every here and there will bring you into the Arabian dream.

Main feature:
The venue features a main hall with some smaller rooms. It is suitable for business events like team gathering, wedding ceremony, dining events etc. The venue can be arranged into round table setting and buffet style setting upon request. The venue can offer the most authentic Arabian cuisine in round table sharing meal, or in set meal personally.

Capacity: The venue has capacity 50 to 100 persons.

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