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Resort 4

The resort is located at western part of Beijing, adjacent to Badachu, a well known Buddhism holy spots in Beijing. The resort is perfectly set within beautiful surrounding and natural paths. You will find flowing streams, trees and mountains surrounding when you are here in the resort. Since the resort is about 2 kilometers from West 5th ring road of Beijing, you can be easily reach by cars or taxis from Beijing.
The whole area of the resort covers 300 thousands square meters of space. Constructed strictly according to the requirements of a five star hotel, the quality of guestrooms, restaurants, conference halls, public baths and other facilities of the resort are all can be trusted and qualified.

Main feature:
The resort features over 20 thousands square meters of restaurants. The restaurant offers Sichuan, Hunan, Shandong, Hangzhou and Cantonese cuisine. Moreover, the resort also designed with architecture from popular Chinese courtyard, including Beijing courtyards, Shanxi Style courtyard, Jiangxi ancient buildings and Japanese courtyards.

The resort has 6 meetings rooms all together. The second, third and forth meeting rooms can accommodate 10 to 30 persons at one time; the first meeting room has capacity 30 to 50 persons, while the fifth meeting room has capacity up to 150 persons. In case of weeding dinner, the fifth room can fit in 12 round tables as a whole. There is a huge multi functional hall with capacity up to 360 persons at the resort as well.

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