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How to pay us?
We offer three payment methods to our customers; you may choose one based on your convenience.
Method 1: PAYPAL (work on both member & non-member)
Method 2: Credit Card (fill out the authorization letter and fax us back )
Method 3: Western Union (example)
Method 4: Wire Transfer (remember our company account information)

Method 1: PAYPAL  Paypal support online secure payment. Check the security center of Paypal:

The ways of using Paypal:
Way 1 (non-paypal member):
We will send you an email to offering secure online payment by using Mastercard or Visa card after your plan is confirmed.

Way 2
(Paypal member):
Simply click the button “Pay Now”,then you will be brought to the Paypal and show you the way to work on it.
It’s no necessary to become a member of Paypal to use the service although membership is free.
Note: 5% transaction fee should be added when using Paypal.

Our Paypal account is:

When you receive a mail from BIM for requesting fees, please make sure it comes from this account.

Method 2: Credit Card Payment
It’s a safe & convenient payment method. We accept most major credit card, such as “Master, VISA, Dinner Card & JCB”.

Method 3: Western Union
If there’s a Western Union office at the place where you live, it will make things easier and faster.
The information required by Western Union transfer is as follow:

Huan Liu
City: Beijing (if necessary)
Country: China

After you send us the money, please tell us the full name of remitter’s, sum, details of your address as well as the Money Transfer Control Number given by Western Union (MTCN)

Method 4: Wire transfer to our company account
If you don’t want to pay the bill with above three methods, we could offer you another option. That is to pay us by wire transfer.

Please note down the following information for wire transfer:

Bank name: China Merchants Bank H.O.,
Address: CMB TOWER,7088 SHENNAN BOULEVARD, Shenzhen, China,
Swift code: CMBCCNBS
Company name: Beijing HY Event Service CO.,LTD
Account: 110940198810818

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