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Outer Space 4

This is the largest park within 4th Ring Road of Beijing. Occupying an area of over 288 hectares, the green landscape of the park has reached 87%. There are over twenty interesting spots within the park. Basically, it is not a highlight for tourist visit, but a common visit leisure park for Beijing locals. Since the park owns a large piece of greenery, it is an ideal place for wedding event and photo shooting venue as well.

Main feature:
The park can be easily reached via various types of transportation. The large piece of garden space is the highlight of the park. Outdoor event especially for occasions of more than hundred people will be absolutely ideal to be host in this park. There are 9 garden areas with different sizes to choose from. You can select the most appropriate venue according to your party size, landscape preferences and purpose of event. For outdoor wedding ceremony, garden lawn will be more recommended, while for evening cocktail, lakeside garden will be more suitable. Food catering service can be provided as well upon request.

Capacity: 9 garden spaces with capacity till 10,000 people

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