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This is a very unique venue in Beijing where you cannot find another similar place. The introduction of this venue is very significant for German Beer lovers in Beijing. Since then, it becomes the most important venues for German dish, beers as well as their culture. As for this, almost each of the elements at this venue is uniquely designed, including their apparels, services, quality of dishes and etc. You will definitely feel as if step onto a country house once you enter the place.
Once you stepped in, your eyes will be attracted by various art collections from German. You will find waiters and waitress dress in typical Bavaria traditional costumes welcoming you. And when you reach the center of the place, you will find huge brewing device right behind the bar. Well, you are not in a bar but a brewing center.

Main feature:
The venue features a roof top terrace, where you can have good view of Sanlitun and Beijing CBD. The terrace can be organized with difference settings of table. For example, business long table, leisure couple seats, day bed and etc. Well, it is absolutely open air. Perhaps, you might hope the roof top should be the key highlight of the venue.

Capacity: Up to 100 people

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