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Golf Club 2

The venue is highlight on its tranquil and serenity. Located at northern part of Beijing, it is a brand new venue for golf as well as event place. With the large pieces of green lawn, it provides a better environment to its surrounding while turning it into an ideal destination for leisure activity. The venue is very close to Beijing Olympic Park. Thus, the surrounding area is very comfortable and suitable for outdoor activity. The venue is about 10 minutes drive from Beijing city center. If you choose to organize the event here, you still can reach other interesting spots easily.

Main feature:
The venue features an 18-hole golf course. The course is designed with combination of sand dunes, slopes trees and lakes to create a more challenging experience. Natural ecosystem as well as environmental friendly has been taken as one of the most important criteria when designing golf course. Most of the trees remain during construction. The venue features large area of green lawn that suitable for outdoor event, such as garden wedding, sunset cocktail, company party etc. The venue offers up to 100 parking lots.

Capacity: The venue has capacity from 300 to 500 persons.

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