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Garden & Park 2

The venue is one of the most unique royal garden in Beijing. The garden was firstly founded in 1777, with overall space of 28 thousands square meters, it has 31 ancient Chinese architecture, man made mountain, southern part China’s scenery etc. Besides that, some western buildings as well as Chinese traditional pavilions and buildings have been added throughout the years. It used to be a residence for royal family and now a popular tourist spot in Beijing.

Main feature:

The venue features four traditional Chinese courtyards as a whole, with more than 40 rooms. Once you step into the garden, you will feel as if bounced out from bustling city of Beijing and enter a natural garden. There is a European style building with marble arch entrance at the center of the garden. The setting of the garden as well as the building itself provides comfortable and tranquil atmosphere. Especially in summer, flowers and green plants are lively making the surrounding fresh and charming. There are also stones, flowing water, pavilions and bridges within the garden. The garden is suitable for private outdoor event if you wish to find a tranquil space with authentic Chinese courtyard settings.


The venue has capacity from 50 to 100 persons.

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