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Garden & Park 1

The venue covers as area of 12.5 hectares, with architectural area over 8000 square meters. The venue is designed with over 24,000 square meters of water surface and human made mountains. The venue is delicately designed in typical Chinese courtyard garden, with over 40 attractions including man-made highlights, natural scenes, temple, palace and pavilions. It used to be shooting venue for quite a number of television drama, and also event space for some cultural events.

Main feature:
The venue feature multi-lingual guide service, restaurants, tea room, souvenir shops and photo shooting sites with Chinese traditional attires. There is a large exhibition sites within the venue as well. Various types of Chinese traditional cultures and customs can be found from the entire exhibition.
This is a perfect venue for Chinese cultural events. Quite a number of television program and art performing events have been conducted here. Outdoor events can be organized at specific pavilion depending on the needs of requirements. It is an ideal place if you with to find a very traditional Chinese courtyard with beautiful scenery and atmosphere. The venue also features 31 to 50 parking lots. Chinese style cuisine catering service can be provided.

Capacity: The venue has capacity from 50 to 100 persons.

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