Stadium 9

The venue used to be a training center during Beijing Olympic 2008. The venue has overall 13,600 architectural area. It is now a large scale indoor sports center, which integrates fitness facilities, entertainment, training and accommodation in one place. The venue features badminton courts, table tennis courts, snooker hall, bowling center and gymnasium facilities. Besides that, the venue is also good for performing arts, reporting events and exhibitions.

Main feature:
The venue features facilities like sound system, lighting system, large screen and wireless microphone devices. Besides sports training center and main stadium, the venue features VIP rooms, multi functional rooms and hotel as well. Special events like board meeting, VIP fellowship occasion, press conference as well as large scale art performing events and concerts are all good to conduct in this venue. For the ease of preparation staffs, the venue offers accommodation facilities within the event space. In this case, relevant staffs can mobile between event spaces and guest rooms easily and conveniently. There are also a number for multi functional room that can be used as preparation rooms, VIP rooms, or press conference halls.

The venue has 2199 permanent seating capacity, where 14 seating rows are in front of the main stage.