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The courtyard is strategically location just a step away from Ritan Park, a popular city park which formally a well known spot for ritual purpose. It is not just a traditional courtyard but a well integrated site with food and beverages outlets, leisure, business and travel.
This traditional courtyard will be just nice to experience a more ancient Chinese living environment. The architecture, as well as the interior part of each event hall is uniquely designed in traditional Chinese style while featuring advance equipments in order to guarantee the utmost convenience of users. Besides that, there is an outdoor garden that opens only in summer. It will be a very good venue for some drink especially during tea break or recess.

Main feature:
The courtyard management is excellent in offering Chinese royal cuisine, Cantonese cuisine and French cuisine, and Japanese cuisines. Moreover, the courtyard also feature a European luxury bar and café, cigar room and Japanese Tea Ceremony, in which you can be very close to the nature which enjoying the occasion. The courtyard is an ideal location for birthday parties, business events, conferences, meetings, weddings and all types of events.

Capacity: The courtyard offers 30 VIP rooms of difference sizes.

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