CIBES(China International Building Energy Efficiency & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition)


2015年07月19日 至 07月21日
July19 – July21, 2015

International Energy–saving & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition
China (Beijing) International Environmental Protection & Eco-City Expo

China International Building Energy Efficiency & Advanced Building Materials Exhibition is one of the largest architectural energy saving event in China. Therefore, it is absolutely an ideal place for brand promotion, enlarge trading deals, and increase business influence for manufacturers and traders. The organizer manages to accumulate over 300 enterprises from 16 countries to take part in the event. The exhibition also gains fully support from local well known corporations. Ever since a few months before the exhibition takes place, local media as well as some social networks start to publish news related to the event.

The exhibition profiles include water treatment and sewage treatment section: membrane technology and devices, water filter, sewage treatment technology, industrial sewage treatment, ultraviolet technology, direct drinking water facilities etc; environmental system and facilities section: air pollution treatment device, air purifying device, building cooling system, temperature and humidity control system, air filter etc; control system and meter section: indoor and outdoor temperature detector and air purifying technology, water automation system, self-automated controller, central controller, water temperature controller etc; liquid engineering section: pump, valve, pipe installation system etc; water supply system, drain system, fire hydrant technology and facilities, drinking water system and others.

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