China International New Energy Automobile and Technology Application Exhibition

节能与新能源汽车产业发展规划成果展览会 中国国际汽车新能源及技术应用展览会

2015年10月21日 至 10月24日
Oct.21 – Oct.24, 2015

China International New Energy Automobile and Technology Application Exhibition
Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan Achievement Exhibition
China International New Energy Automobile and Technology Application Exhibition is an outcome of supporting the government implementation of “energy saving and new energy automobile industry development plan (2012 – 2020”. The event is highly supported by China State Council and Ministry of Industry and Information. The exhibition focuses on energy efficient cars and new energy vehicles, batteries, motors, electronic control and charging facilities. The exhibition is divided into four main sections, consisting of vehicle exhibition, core components pavilion, demonstration and extension of the outcome of the city experience area, and ride four parts experience zone. Through the exhibition, you will find out the latest achievements of fuel-efficient cars and new energy vehicles development over the year.

The exhibition aims to enhance brand awareness, covers the whole end, consumer channels while enhance market share, to create high efficiency market promotion at very low cost. The event is also a good opportunity to launch new products. This is because the superb environment of the exhibition, together with the co-operated media exposure, new product release will earn timely market feedback and promotional results.

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