China IBTM Events


2015年08月05日 至 08月06日
Aug.05 – Aug.06, 2015

Rapid development, vitality as well as vast economic growth of China is the main reason why IBTM is launched in Beijing. The fast development of aviation industry and public transportation in China has enabled Chinese outbound tourists estimated to exceed one million people in year 2015. CIBTM is an ideal platform for you to encounter new business opportunity, meet with potential clients, promote company brands and popularity, discover latest news and movement of the industry, increase personal career path, provides all rounded tourism related services. Besides organizing exhibition booths, the event also provides professional forums, insider talks and speeches, knowledge sharing sessions for registered visitors. Professionals from travel industries are invited to host talk and forums to share their thoughts with the public. This is very useful and beneficial to people who would like to discover more about the industry.

CIBTM has attracted tourism related corporation, institutions and companies from all over the world to take part, including Australia, United States, Africa, France, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and etc. The event covers almost all fields related to tourism industry, such as business trip management company, convention halls and exhibition centers, ground transportation services company, resorts and spas, airline companies, activity management company, tourist spots and entertainment centers, hotel management company, travel agencies, media, destination management company, tourism board, PCO and etc.

High End Car Rental Beijing

Business Car models

Wedding-Event Audi Benz
Red Flag
Seats: 4 seats
Best for: 1-3 passengers
Seats: 4 seats
Best for: 1-3 passengers
Seats: 4 seats
Best for: 1-3 passengers

Business Van models

Refine Business Van Buick Mercedes MB100
Refine Business Van
Seats: 9 seats
Best for: 5-7 passengers
Buick GL8
Seats: 7
Best for: 3-5 passengers
Mercedes MB100
Seats: 13
Best for: 6-9 passengers

Luxury Car models

BMW 7 Series Rolls Royce Lincoln Navigator
BMW 7 Series
Seats: 4
Best for: 1-3 passengers
Rolls Royce
Seats: 4
Best for: 1-3 passengers
Lincoln Navigator
Seats: 9
Best for: 4-7 passengers

Deluxe Bus models

Toyota Coaster Higer Bus (middle) Yutong Bus (large)
Toyota Coaster
Seats: 23
Best for: 15-20 passengers
Higer Bus (middle)
Seats: 34
Best for: 25-30 passengers
Yutong Bus (large)
Seats: 55
Best for: 45-50 passengers

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