Beijing Cosplay Carnival


2015年10月01日 至 10月03日
Oct.01 – Oct.03, 2015

Beijing Cosplay Carnival is the most wanted event by cosplay lovers. This is the third anniversary of the event in Beijing. The event includes large scale exhibition of latest comics and games, various types of interesting activities, new game release, beautiful show girl and etc. Normally, Top Cosplay Competition will be held during the event. This is one of the largest and recognized Cosplay Competition in China. Visitors will be attracted by the charming and eye-catching cosplay dressing and attires. The wonderful stage design as well as great visual impact will surely create unforgettable experience of the show.

The event can be divided into four sections, the exhibition section, interaction section, experience section and competition section. Exhibition section includes comic and games display, cosplay attires display, cosplay accessories, creative product etc. Interaction section enables you to get signature of celebrity coser, comic artists, singing live show, cosplay road show, lucky draw etc. Experience section slows you to take part in cosplay, on site gaming, photography, training and photo printing. Besides that, the event also includes many attractive activities for visitors to take part in, such as coser celebrity’s fans show, latest game battle, coser attire design competition, lucky draw, comic artist fans meeting show, live performance, photography training session, cosplay road show, singing competition and etc.

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