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Chateau 5

The venue is delicately designed in a very elegant setting, main materials of the architecture are wood, stones and glasses. The environment of the venue is very warm and spacious. The main dining area of the venue is set with white table cloth, while everything is personally picked and selected. There is an atrium close to the seating area with a piano at the middle of the space. You can imagine if jazz music is played, you are surrounded by the courtyard and served with delicious meals, what a life it would be.

Main feature:
The venue features an open kitchen, in which you can witness how the meal serve on your table is created by the chef. On the other hand, there is also a private room at a corner close to the fireplace. The lighting system at the venue is also a highlight of the area. During day time, sunshine will make the environment bright and clear; when night falls, each table will be brighten with individual light. There are a number of VIP room which may suit various types of private occasions. Meals, projector and screen can be provided upon request.

Capacity: The capacity of the venue is from 6 to 50 persons.

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