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Chateau 3

Situated very close to embassy district and Yansha Business District, the venue can be easily reached by all means of transportation. The venue is about 30 minutes from Beijing Capital International Airport and Forbidden City. The venue is hidden within a double storey building with a huge basement which serves as a wine cellar. Various types of Langes Wines have been stored here.
The venue also serves as a shop for high-end wine. It is also one of the best place for wine tasting activity too.

Main feature:
The venue features a ground floor and an outdoor garden which is suitable for special events to be taken place. The outdoor garden is uniquely designed with nature elements and charming views. The venue provides authentic Italian cuisine with wine pairing. Almost of all of the guests are attracted by its wine. The second floor of the building is a perfect site for private party. It is set in a closed environment but the whole environment of the venue is lovely and attractive. Sometimes, Argentine Tango Party will be organized here. It is a very ideal place if you are looking for wine and Italian cuisine.

Capacity: The venue has capacity for 30 to 50 persons.

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