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Sounds Lights Rental

We’re a professional and experienced event company in offering sound, lights, projector, Led Screen, stage setup, backdrop and side wings design & print, and many other related event services. Our sound equipment includes: speakers (top & base), Mixer, Monitor, CD/USB player, MIC (hand, collar, podium, head), etc. Audio & Lights includes: High lumens projector, High resolution Led Screen, regular Led screen in different size, seamless switcher, Led Par can, Moving head wash, Spotlight, Haze machine, following spot, etc.
Regarding to the stage, we’re also good at setup & decoration, Backdrop design, print and setup, etc.

Sounds Lights EquipmentsSounds Lights Equipments2
Sounds Lights Equipments3Sounds Lights Equipments4
Speakers (top & base)
Sounds Lights Equipments type1
Sounds Lights Equipments type2
Sounds Lights Equipments type3
LED Screen
MIC (hand, collar, podium, head)
Sounds Lights Equipments type5
High lumens projector
Sounds Lights Equipments type6
Seamless switcher
Sounds Lights Equipments type7
Led Par can
Sounds Lights Equipments type12
Moving head wash
Sounds Lights Equipments type8
Sounds Lights Equipments type9
Haze Machine
Sounds Lights Equipments type10
Following spot
Sounds Lights Equipments type11

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