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Chinese Traditional Performance

Enjoying wonderful Chinese Traditional Performance is a must during your special event in Beijing. Traditional performances of Chinese people is unique and worth for your time. Performances like Acrobatic show, Kung Fu show and Face-changing show are very popular in terms of creating more Chinese atmosphere during your annual meeting, conference or gala dinner. Moreover, acrobatic performances, Kungfu show and face changing are the hottest Chinese cultural shows that enable you to know more about Chinese traditional performance arts.

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About performance team

Our team established in China Olympic year-2008, on March 23. Through years of hard work and plentiful experience, the team size is in constant development and expansion. The team numbers is achieved to 95 persons. Our main performances cover: the dragon and lion dance, acrobatics magic, singer, host, lead countries dance, ancient color trick amorous feelings, Sichuan opera, crosstalk & Chinese folk art forms, Performance & etiquette planning, star broker, performing arts training, performer agency, promotion performance advertising, celebrations, press conference, model training, product promotion, marketing planning, and the large-scale performance organization & arrangement.

Refer to the group member of Chinese martial arts-the combination of traditional and modern arts, they are selected from all over the country and professional enough-everyone has bachelor degree. According to the demand of the current cultural market and the party & concern and support of national leaders, we apply for the Business certificate of the People's Republic of China issued by ministry. Our group has a great deal of entertainers, models and dancers, which can provided a good guarantee of promotion, art performance and endorsements for a great many of enterprises and companies, who will obtain more effective advertising effectiveness.

The Most Popular Performances
Shaolin Qigong Show
Mask Changing Show
Sand Art Show
Raree show
Silk Hanging Show
Skeleton Dance
Fork Art
Laser Drum Show
Exotic Dance
Lion Dance
Peking Opera
Laser Dance
Dragon Dance
Kungfu Tea
Dough Figurine
Dancing on shoulder
Clown Show
Chinese Magic
Belly Dance
Dance Candlestick
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